Carbine 101

Program Description

Instructor Sean shooting Rifles

Instructor Sean works with entry level students shooting their AR15’s at a private outdoor shooting range in Northern Virginia


To learn how to properly and safely manipulate and shoot the AR-15 rifle, or equivalent weapon system, for marksmanship and home defense at a private outdoor shooting range on targets out to 300 meters. This program excels with entry level shooters who seek a structured and safe learning environment with certified instructors. Class covers:

  • Fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • Optics and accessories considerations and placement
  • Standing, kneeling, and prone shooting stances
  • Proper grip
  • Recoil management
  • Sighting in through iron sights or optics
  • Proper sling placement and usage
  • Basic rifle manipulation
  • Proper zero and confirmation
  • Rifle malfunction clearance techniques
  • Home defense drills at 7-25 yards
  • Shooting steel targets at various distance between 50-300 yards (range dependent)

Location & Time:

8:00AM – 5:00PM at a Private outdoor shooting range located outside of Winchester, Va.
***Exact address emailed with confirmation***

Required Gear:

  • A clean and well lubricated AR-15 or equivalent weapon system (M4, AK-47, AK-74, SCAR, etc.) equipped with an optic and/or iron sights
  • A sling attached to the rifle (REQUIRED)
  • Three (3) serviceable magazines holding at least 30 rounds each
  • Suitable Clothing for a day outside (recommend long pants and shirts)
  • At least 200 rounds of quality ammunition, 300 preferred
  • One (1) gallon of hydration, a packed lunch and snacksthe range has NO local food places
  • Ear and Eye protection – electronic ears preferred, sunglasses are ok, have clear lenses in case of rain
  • Rain Gear – uppers and lowers
  • Cash for tuition payment and any supplemental ammo, email for balance if needed

*** We have rentals, must arrange ahead of class time ***



Instructor Lindsey using an AK47

  • Tuition: $150, not including taxes, rentals, ammo, and range fees
  • Students pay a deposit of $75 which is non refundable. Students pay the remaining balance the day of class, cash only
  • Range Fee: $35
  • Rental Fee: $50 (includes rifle with sling, sighting system, and 3 serviceable magazines (ammo sold separately)

Local accommodations

The Courtyard Marriott, 300 Marriott Dr, Winchester, VA 22603, (540) 678-8822. ***Be sure to ask for the Echo Valley Rate***

Cancellation Policy:

  • Weather: Class occurs rain or shine
  • Failure to meet class size minimum: students may apply deposits to another class or full refund
  • Student cancellation: deposits are non-refundable and may not be moved to another class

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